The growing union push for paid reproductive leave – including time off for menstrual and menopause symptoms, pregnancy loss and male health issues – has received support from Annastacia Palaszczuk, as employers begin to introduce their own special leave entitlements.

“As a sufferer of endometriosis, I think there needs to be more awareness and support around women’s health, and we should consider additional leave for some medically recognised conditions,” the Queensland Premier told The Australian.

“In Queensland, our government is actively looking at what additional support could be provided, and I’d like to see other ­jurisdictions, including the federal government, working together on this.”

The Premier has been outspoken about her experience with endometriosis and miscarriage.

“I know from talking to women across that state that many of them suffer the symptoms of endo, menopause, miscarriage, and even IVF treatment in silence, and I think all jurisdictions should be looking at what can be done collectively to break down these barriers,” she said.

HSU assistant secretary Kate Marshall said adopting federal and state public policy, as well as amending the National Employment Standards to include reproductive leave, would be the best outcome.

“I’d love for it to do what the family domestic violence leave has done, and make it to the NES. I think it’s really important for women’s rights at work, for women’s participation in the workforce,” Ms Marshall said.

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