HSU in Victoria

There are four branches of the HSU in Victoria. The branch that represents you depends on your job or workplace. Read on to find out which branch covers you, or if you’re unsure contact us on 1300 478 000 and we’ll let you know straight away.

The HSU Victoria No. 1 Branch

The Victoria No. 1 Branch covers administrative and support workers and managers in public and private health, pathology, dental, community and aged care services. The branch trades as the Health Workers Union (HWU)

The HSU Victoria No. 2 Branch

The Victoria No. 2 Branch covers workers employed in disability, mental health, and alcohol and other drug services across Victoria. The branch trades as the Health and Community Services Union (HACSU)

The HSU Victoria No. 3 Branch

The Victoria No. 3 Branch covers allied health professionals working in public, private and community health, private practice and aged care. The branch trades as the Victorian Allied Health Professionals Association (VAHPA)

The HSU Victoria No. 4 Branch

The Victoria No. 4 Branch covers Medical Scientists, Psychologists, Pharmacists and Dietitians working anywhere in Victoria.