The Federal Government’s vaccine rollout has failed the most vulnerable Australians and those who work with them.


In February, the Federal Government said the rollout of vaccines to Phase 1a – including aged care and disability care workers and residents – was expected to be completed within six weeks.

Fourteen weeks later we know there are federally-run aged care facilities still waiting for their first doses to arrive.

In disability the progress is much worse, a recent Disability Royal Commission inquiry heard only four per cent of residents in disability residential facilities – or 999 people out of 26,000 residents – had been vaccinated.

Appallingly, just two per cent of workers in disability residential facilities had been vaccinated as of 6 May.


Quotes attributable to Health Services Union, National Secretary Lloyd Williams

“The pace of the rollout to the most vulnerable Australians in our community is a disgrace.”

“How can the Federal Government be “very comfortable” with their rollout’s pace when those most at risk to the virus are still exposed and Victoria is now in lockdown with an outbreak.”

“It is time the Morrison Government admits they’ve failed and hands over the funding and responsibility to the State Governments to get the job done.”

“Workers and residents in aged care and disability care were rightly identified as being amongst the first people to be vaccinated but the Morrison Government has since failed these individuals by not delivering on time.”

“These workers and residents have already been through so much during this pandemic, they should be protected by now and they deserve better.”