The bushfires gripping large parts of the country are—as many have said—unprecedented.



Thousands of homes and dozens of lives have been lost.

Millions of hectares of bushland have been burnt and countless animals have perished.

It truly is an unprecedented disaster.

Yet in disaster there is grief, but there is also hope.

The people opening their homes to strangers, cooking them meals, giving them clothes.

The people putting on yellow jumpsuits as volunteer firefighters to protect people they don’t know, because they believe we owe our lives to each other.

The people sewing blankets and mittens to protect the burnt paws of countless animals.

Unions are all about solidarity – working together to help those in need is what we stand for. It heartens me to see the generosity from Australian’s of all walks of life, including HSU members, in responding to this disaster.

However, with fires still burning, major cities choked by smoke and months of the bushfire season remaining, we know there is still more to come.

If you’re a HSU member (or you know a HSU member) who has been affected by the bushfires, please get in touch. We will provide support in any way we can – you’re not alone in this.

You can contact us online or via phone on 1300 478 000.

If you feel helpless in the face of these fires you can act in many ways, large or small. Below are some links to places you can donate or volunteer your time and expertise to assist with the recovery.

Finally – if these fires have affected your mental wellbeing – contact Lifeline on 13 11 14


  • If you have skills that could be useful in supporting fire-affected communities, submit your details here to the ACTU. The ACTU will be working with relief agencies to pass on contact information.
  • To donate to the NSW Rural Fire Service, click here
  • To donate to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal, click here
  • To donate to the SA Bushfire Appeal, click here
  • To donate to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal, click here
  • To donate to the WIRES Emergency Bushfire Fund, click here