On Monday 23 August 2021 the HSU National Executive unanimously passed a resolution regarding the return of the Taliban Regime in Afghanistan.

This resolution followed a moving presentation from a HSU NSW/ACT/QLD Official who is herself an Afghan refugee who fled Afghanistan with her family during the last period the Taliban was in power.

As a union which represents health, aged care, disability and community sector workers from all across Australia and from all walks of life, the HSU National Executive felt a moral obligation to pass a resolution calling on the Australian Federal Government to:

  1. Provide a one-off humanitarian intake of at least 20,000 vulnerable Afghans (in addition to the current intake), especially minority/persecuted groups such as the Hazaras and women and children who have been displaced by the Taliban’s war in the different regions of Afghanistan and are seeking refuge.
  2. Grant all refugees from Afghanistan on temporary protection visas permanent protection, without the prospect of being returned to Afghanistan.
  3. Enable refugees from Afghanistan to apply to reunite with their families.
  4. Lift the ban on resettlement of Afghan refugees in Indonesia – the Australian Government continues to block resettlement of Afghan refugees to Australia through UNHCR if they registered in Indonesia after June 2014.
  5. Work with our international partners to pressure the Taliban to take genuine steps towards peace and reconciliation.

On Friday 27 August 2021, the HSU wrote to Prime Minister Scott Morrison along with the Ministers for Foreign Affairs, Defence and Immigration imploring them to do more to support the people of Afghanistan.

The HSU is here to support all our members during this difficult time, and our hearts go out to our members from Afghan backgrounds who for which the last several weeks have been particularly traumatic.