The HSU is disappointed by the Fair Work Commission’s (FWC) decision today to adjourn our application for paid pandemic leave for health, aged care and disability support workers.



Despite acknowledging the merits of the unions’ claims, and while Victoria is poised for a second lockdown, the FWC Full Bench has stalled making a decision, stating instead that the matter ‘may be relisted on request as short notice if there continues to be a significant deterioration of the position’.

Quotes attributable to Lloyd Williams, National Secretary, Health Services Union

“Victoria’s second wave should be enough evidence to make the right decision and grant paid pandemic leave to all health, aged and community care workers.”

“What level of deterioration is required if the current situation we’re seeing unfold isn’t bad enough?”

“There is clearly no end to the pandemic in sight and the FWC agreed in their statement that health care workers are at greater risk of contracting the virus. It’s frustrating that instead of acting on the evidence they’ve chosen to stall.”

“Our members work with vulnerable communities including in aged care, disability care and aboriginal community-controlled health. Paid pandemic leave is essential to protect workers, people they work with and the wider community.”

“Many of our workers are in low paid, casual or part-time roles and can’t afford to take time off work. Doing the right thing and protecting their vulnerable clients by self-isolating or seeking treatment due to COVID-19 shouldn’t put them at financial risk.”



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