HSU members today stood in Parliament House calling for change in aged care.

The government must listen to the stories of these workers and take action.

Older Australians deserve better. Those who care for them demand better.

The group was made up of passionate aged care advocates from HSU National, HSU NSW and HACSU Tasmania.

The aged care workers had meetings with Leader of the Opposition Anthony Albanese and Shadow Minister for Aged Care Services and Senior Australians Clare O’Neil. 

It will likely come as no surprise to you that Prime Minister Scott Morrison did not make himself available to meet with aged care workers.

Well done to all the aged care workers who spoke up today on behalf of their workmates and residents, it really takes guts to share your personal stories with the world. And thank you to all the workers who sent us their messages of support – many couldn’t make the trip to Canberra due to the pressures at work. 

Visit the Change Aged Care website to learn more about our fight. www.changeagedcare.org