Quotes attributable to Lloyd Williams, National Secretary, Health Services Union

“Kathy Jackson is a convicted and dishonest criminal who stole money from low paid health workers and will forever be remembered as such. She will carry that criminal conviction for the rest of her life.”

“Her calculated theft, deception and betrayal of working people is unforgivable, and we hope the court’s sentencing reflects the gravity of betraying a position of trust and stealing from low paid workers.”

“The Health Services Union (HSU) has moved on from the dark days of Kathy Jackson. We are a strong and thriving Union, our membership has seen an increase by more than 20,000 over the last six years to over 90,000, this shows the trust and support our members place in the HSU.”

“Our governance and transparency is of the highest standards and every day our officials across the country are campaigning hard to better the lives of our members by winning higher pay, job security, improved working conditions and safe workplaces for our dedicated health, aged care and disability workers.”