The Health Services Union has welcomed the 15 per cent interim pay rise awarded to parts of the aged care workforce but says a larger and broader increase is needed to stem the industry’s crisis. 

The interim decision relates to the HSU work value case in the Fair Work Commission, which the union launched two years ago. The Commission made clear today’s decision which applies to direct care workers but excludes some classifications, is only one stage in its decision. 

“This is a reasonable start but we need the Commission to go further and permanently end the poverty wage settings that dominate aged care,” Gerard Hayes, HSU National President said. 

“Fifteen per cent is a down payment but nobody should be mistaken. This will not fix the crisis. We still have massive unfinished business in aged care. 

“For the last decade this industry has relied on the goodwill of an exploited, casualised workforce. Today represents progress, but the legal, political and industrial fight continues. 

“We won’t rest until we get some semblance of decency and sustainability into aged care.”