With nearly 15,000 members working with people with disability the HSU has a keen interest in ensuring that both people with disability and workers are treated with dignity and respect. The HSU welcomes the opportunity to provide a submission to the National Disability Insurance Agency’s (NDIA) Consultation Paper: Proposal for a National Disability Insurance Scheme Quality and Safeguarding Framework.


Recommendation 1

The HSU recommends that the NDIA adopt the provider registration system described as Option 4 in the Consultation Paper.

Recommendation 2

The HSU recommends that a national, independent complaints body be established within the NDIA, consistent with Option 3a in the Consultation Paper. This complaints body should be made available to all people with a disability that access supports, whether they are NDIS funded or not.

Recommendation 3

The HSU recommends that an independent national statutory authority be established to conduct pre-­‐employment screening of workers employed by an NDIA registered provider. This system should be modelled on the ACT’s Working with Vulnerable People background checking scheme.

Recommendation 4

The HSU believes that participants who manage their own plans should be entitled to the dignity of risk and recommends that they be free to choose their own providers. However, providers that are not registered with the NDIA should be given the opportunity to voluntarily undergo a separate registration process with limited conditions (Option 3a in the Consultation Paper) if they wish to distinguish themselves in the market.

Recommendation 5

The HSU recommends that the use of restrictive practices is nationally legislated and their use would require approval by an external, independent authority, modelled on a body such as the Office of Professional Practice in Victoria. The service provider seeking to use restrictive intervention would need to draft a proposal to seek approval for its use and would be required to report to the independent authority every time it is used.