Notice of Application for the Certification of alterations to the Registered Rules of the Health Services Union

Notice is hereby given in accordance with regulation 27 of the of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Regulations 2009 that the Health Services Union has lodged with the General Manager of the Fair Work Commission a notice of alteration of the Registered Rules of the Health Services Union under s 159(1) of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009.

The substance of the application is to alter the rules pertaining to the election of branch and national officers of the union.

In summary the draft amendments cover the following matters:

  • issues raised in AEC’s Post Election Report of 29 January 2015;
  • provides for consistency in elections for all Branch positions, including Delegates to National Council;
  • ensures elections are conducted by the AEC and keep the Union and its officials/staff at
  • arms’-length, in accordance with the Act;
  • provides the AEC Returning Officer with flexibility to amend the election timetable and administrative arrangements;
  • provides guidance to the Returning Officer on matters not currently addressed, ie defective/rejected Team nominees, vote saving provisions for above the line and below the line voting, resolving prohibited multiple nominations;
  • creates a Team Leader role and Team naming guidelines;
  • consolidates provisions re Team Statements and photos into one Rule;
  • consolidates ballot paper layout and design into one Rule;
  • updates National Officer election rules for consistency with approach to Branch elections.

Any member wishing more details of the application can contact Leigh Svendsen at

Gerard Hayes
HSU National Secretary

Explanation of Rules Changes

Marked-up Version of Rule Changes