HSU National today slammed the NSW Business Chamber for another attack on workplace pay and conditions for some Australia’s lowest paid workers.



The Orwellian sounding ‘permaflexi’ employment category could see current casuals take home less pay, and current part-time staff have less security around hours work. It really is a ‘lose-lose’ situation for workers, say experts.

“If big business gets their way, our members in critical industries such as Aged Care and Disability Support will lose out” said HSU National Secretary Lloyd Williams. “Part-time workers in this sector already face significant income and job insecurity.”

“Instead of making workers less secure, we need to change the rules to help workers employed as casuals to be able to transition to on-going, permanent employment” said Mr Williams.

“There is already a critical shortage of workers in these industries, and we know that recruitment and retention of quality staff is at crisis point”.

“All workers in the disability and aged care sectors want fair, equitable and quality services for some of our most vulnerable Australians. This ‘permaflexi’ nonsense does nothing to improve care.”

HSU National is currently fighting to make the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry (SCHCDS) Award fair, and filed its own claim to improve the award earlier this month.

Current rip-offs in the Award that need fixing include:

  • part-time employees working shifts as short as 15 minutes because of a lack of a minimum engagement requirement;
  • multiple unpaid breaks between shifts for part-time employees;
  • care workers not being compensated for often lengthy travel between clients they are caring for, and;
  • a lack of adequate pay and conditions for employees working “sleepover” shifts.




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