Aged care services support older people to continue enjoying life in their own homes or in supported residential communities. But since the Coalition Government cut aged care funding by more than a billion dollars, service providers have been struggling and standards could slip.

It’s time we gave Aged Care the attention and funding that it deserves.

We need all our politicians to commit to provide quality care and a dignified life for all older Australians by delivering increased and sustainable funding for Aged Care.

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It’s our turn to care.

We demand that the Government takes action immediately to address the crisis and support the Our Turn to Care campaign’s plan to fix aged care:

1. More time to care.
2. A fair pay workforce.
3. A quality workforce.
4. Funding that meets needs.
5. Home care that cares.

Why is this important?

We are family members, older Australians, and workers in aged care and we are campaigning so that every Australian can have a dignified life in retirement. We believe that quality care is directly linked to quality jobs. Care workers should have enough time to do their jobs, get a fair wage and be trained to deliver quality care. Aged care should be funded so care workers have enough time to provide quality care and there is transparency and accountability about how public funding is spent.


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