The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the biggest social reform since the introduction Medicare, but many people are being left behind – both people with disabilities and the workers who support them.

We fundamentally believe that the success of the NDIS hinges on the shared cooperation of all those delivering the scheme: governments, service providers and workers. Without this, the high quality NDIS that people with disabilities so rightly demanded will not be achieved.

To achieve an NDIS that delivers for people with disabilities we need to see a number of significant changes to the current model, including:

  • NDIS prices that cover the real cost of service delivery and provide good jobs
  • Disability workforce standards and accreditation
  • Properly funded workforce training and professional development for quality NDIS services
  • Protection of secure jobs and minimum safety net for all NDIS workers, ensuring a level playing field for all NDIS service providers

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