But since Scott Morrison as Treasurer and Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt cut aged care funding by more than a billion dollars, service providers have been struggling and standards could slip.

The Morrison government has let down the very people who’ve cared for us our entire lives. So, now, it’s Our Turn To Care.

The crisis in Aged Care has been exacerbated by devastating funding cuts, low pay and insecure work. We need to act now to fix the Aged Care system.

Our 5-point plan is about the type of Aged Care system we would want for ourselves, our parents and loved ones and all older Australians who have given us so much.  It’s about what we value most as Australians. It’s about respect, it’s about fairness. It’s our turn to care.


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We need all our politicians to commit to provide quality care and a dignified life for all older Australians by delivering increased and sustainable funding for Aged Care.

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