No one should ever feel unsafe at work.

After a series of serious incidents in NSW hospitals, bookended by shootings at Nepean Hospital in Sydney’s west in 2016 and 2018 respectively, the HSU has now undertaken to step up its hospital security campaign Are You Safe In Your Hospital. The campaign will now take on the overarching title Our Hands Are Tied to underline the need for government to legislate broader powers for security officers to search and detain, and for a significant boost to security numbers around the state.

While the former health minister was compelled by public outcry to work with the HSU on a 12-point action plan for hospital security, few of the points agreed to have been implemented.

Taking as its central supposition the fact that everyone should be able to assume their own safety when on hospital grounds – whether they be a patient, a visitor, or a worker – the campaign seeks to appeal directly to hospital visitors via posters and postcards. Confronting them with the discomfiting reality of hospital violence, we make the case for security officers with special constable status to keep everyone safe.

The campaign is also paralleled by strong political lobbying, with an undertaking from NSW Labor to legislate special constables already forthcoming.

Join us in our support of hospital security. Having the legal powers and equipment to keep me safe in hospitals. We cannot wait any longer. Our lives depend on it.

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