The Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government have deliberately undermined the NDIS, meaning:

  • People with disabilities, particularly those with complex disabilities, are finding themselves worse-off under the NDIS.
  • The dedicated NDIS workforce—most of whom are low-paid women—are facing cuts to their wages and conditions due to inadequate NDIS pricing.
  • Quality and safeguards for some of the most vulnerable Australians are being poorly implemented and undermined.

The Support Disability Support Workers campaign wants to change this.

Together we can deliver the high-quality NDIS that people with disabilities so rightly demanded.

Sign our petition

To Prime Minister Morrison, the success of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) hinges on the shared cooperation of all those delivering the scheme: governments, service providers and workers. Without this, the high quality NDIS that people with disabilities so rightly demanded will not be achieved.

We the undersigned demand that you work with workers and their representatives, providers and people with disabilities to deliver a fair and equitable NDIS we can all be proud of.

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