Yesterday the Attorney-General, Christian Porter, stated he would expand the scope of the proposed Religious Discrimination Bill to allow faith-based hospital and aged care providers make discriminatory employment decisions based on religion.

Speaking on ABC’s Radio National Drive Program yesterday HSU National Secretary, Lloyd Williams, declared that “no human right is more important than any other human right” and that “all people deserve safe, healthy and respectful workplaces and access to healthcare, regardless of their personal attributes.”

The HSU is strongly of the position that people should not be discriminated against on the grounds of their religious beliefs, at work or anywhere else.

The proposed provisions in the Bill will cause significant confusion for already overworked and busy healthcare workers and interfere with carefully drafted State and Territory laws, which already deal effectively with conscientious objections.

It will mean that workers and health service providers may be required to juggle complex and competing legal obligations when under pressure to provide vital health services.

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