The Government’s decision to review the aged care workforce without speaking to aged care workers is a farce, the Health Services Union said today.

After taking more than six months to announce the workforce, the Government has now confirmed it will include employers, consumers, departmental officials, interest groups and academics – essentially everyone except the workforce.

It was only a fortnight ago that staff blew the whistle on the effect of multi-billion dollar budget cuts in the sector.

“The people who look after our elderly are among the hardest workers in society. It’s unfathomable that the Government would review their industry without consulting them.

“Aged care workers have recently spoke out about some appalling practices such as rationing sanitary pads and $6 a day food budgets for residents. These conditions have been forced onto them by Commonwealth Government budget cuts.

“Clearly the Liberals don’t want to hear the harrowing truth of working in an aged care facility. They’d prefer the sanitised version.

“The Government’s indifference to the workforce won’t stop us from speaking out. HSU aged care members will continue to expose the impact of shameful budget cuts in our nursing homes.

Media comment:

Gerard Hayes, General Secretary, HSU—NSW/ACT/QLD — 0417 275 821

Tim Jacobson, HSU National Acting General Secretary — 0419 331 936

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